University student looses a tooth after being assaulted by a man in Bristol.

21 year old Reegan Kay from Durham, was spit on and punched by a male while she walked home from a night out with friends in Bristol.

Reegan Kay was walking back to her Bristol university accommodation after a night out with friends on 23rd November, when she said she was assaulted by a man.

A group of males approached Reegan and a friend in a Mercedes near the o2 academy in Bristol.

Recalling the incident Reegan said: “We were a few seconds from our front door when a car pulled up next to us and they started shouting at us to get into the car.”

Reegan said that she rejected their requests by saying “no” to them. One of the males then got out of the car and began the horrific attack.

She added: “The next thing I know a guy grabbed me spat in my face, pulled down my dress, grabbed my hair and punched me.”

Although some members of the public saw what happened and helped her up, insult was added to injury when a group of men chanted football slogans to her after the incident.

Reegan smiled while celebrating her birthday just a couple weeks before the attack.

She added: “As I lay on the floor completely exposed he called me a ‘slag’ and drove away.” Her friend then took Reegan to the A&E where she received treatment for a cracked tooth.

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said they are currently reviewing CCTV from the area around the time of the incident.

“I was just trying to get home” said Reegan who decided to share her story on social media a few days after the incident.

Reegan hopes that by sharing her story online she can empower other women to do the same and raise awareness of male violence against women.

She said: “I want to show that this has happened to me and it’s not right.”

The literature student admits she has feared for her safety ever since the assault and said: “I haven’t been anywhere on my own after it happened.”

Women’s fears of going out in public were heightened throughout this year due to the murders of Sarah Everard and over 80 other women since.

Reegan added: “I don’t go to the shop or anything. I always have someone there to stay with me.”

She also explained in her post on social media that she ‘feels very fortunate to have only had this happen to me and not something worse’.

In the year ending March 2020 207 women were killed in Great Britain. Furthermore, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated that 4.9 million women had been victims of sexual assault in their lives.

Not only has Reegan had to endure the physical and emotional trauma of the incident, but she claimed she will also have to fork out around £5,000 to replace her tooth at a private dentist because the procedure is not covered by the NHS.

Reegan shared a PayPal link to her social media for anyone that wanted to contribute to the large dental bill.

Unfortunately, after doing so Reegan received abuse from a Twitter user who claims she is just begging and called her a ‘slag’ and ‘a worthless whore’.

Abuse sent to Reegan Via private message

What do you think can be done about the safety of women?

Do we need organizations such as Women’s street watch Newcastle in every city? Comment your thoughts below!

If you or someone you love has been affected by sexual violence, you can contact The Domestic and Sexual Abuse helpline for men and women affected by domestic or sexual violence. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can contact 0808 802 1414 where you can talk with trained advisers. You can also contact the helpline by email at

(Comments below do not require name or email.)

New information added 15th December 2021

15 thoughts on “University student looses a tooth after being assaulted by a man in Bristol.

  1. Chanting slogans instead of helping just shows how many people lack empathy. It is a shame many crimes like this go unresolved due to lack of evidence.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not “many people” men! I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve stepped in to help other women being attacked by men while other men stood around pretending to be deaf, dumb and blind, or worse.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That is literally THE most useless response you could have to this. Of course not all men will do this, but more than enough men will. That’s the problem, that’s what needs to be focussed on, not whining about ‘not all men’.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi, while this is true, it is difficult for women to know ‘which men’ as statistics show that violence is a male dominated issue. So the statement not all men is redundant due to this fact.
      Hope this clears that up, or at least gives you a fresh perspective on the matter.


      1. You’re wrong. Women and men are both equally capable of violence in any capacity. The statistics show differently because not everything is reported or documented. It’s so upsetting that incidents like this happen. If I get rejected soon? I will smile and laugh. Sorry for what this woman had to go through 😦


    3. I don’t think people care that it’s not all men. The fact if the matter is that enough men thought this was ok to do and then to chant football at her after it happened. What it sounds like when you say “Yeah, this happens but not all men do it” is that it’s not worth people taking a look at those in their lives and calling out shitty behavior when it happens.


    4. Did you just say “not all men”? Do you know how many women/children are abused, stalked, harassed, raped and murdered daily? Do those men wear a big sign saying they’re dangerous? No! So until then we have to proceed as if ALL men are dangerous because so many are and the rest stand by and watch or talk about “not all men”.

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  2. Wow this is scary to read, I hope the guy gets what he deserves, And its absolutely ridiculous that she couldn’t even ask for help with her dental bills without getting abuse!


  3. if we’re going to blame crime on men why not blame it on race? what’s the difference? half of all murders are commited by a certain demographic


  4. What an animal. How embarrassing for him that he can’t control his child like rage. How awful for this young woman that she got physically assaulted and spat on for refusing to give in to his predatory (and let’s be honest, desperate if you have to follow women home in your car to beg for attention) behaviour. I don’t even want to go out any more in this shitty world because of how normalised this disgusting behaviour is. Not all men: not the point. Too many men.


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